Real talk, if the reason you’re not dressing well, is because you think you need Beyonce kind of money. I’m here to tell you that looking expensive with the budget you have right now is easier than you think. It’s about knowing what looks tacky and avoid buying them- Period.

5 Ways to Look Expensive on A Budget

So how do you look expensive without actually being filthy rich?

Follow my 5 tips, and you’ll be looking like cash money in no time.

#1- Choose solids and neutral colors instead of prints. If you want to buy fast fashion, avoid buying bright colors or prints. These items tend to look like the price tag- cheap. Style with neutrals and solid colors instead.

#2- Fit is everything. Your clothes should fit your body shape, not the other way around. Proper fit can make the simplest of garments look expensive.

#3- Steam, iron, and press. Wrinkles are like bad breath. It’s never ok.

#4- Grooming is essential. Get your hair done, clean your nails, and if you wear makeup, keep it light and simple.

#5- Invest in quality accessories. Stay away from colorful and really cheap looking jewelry. Stick with jewelry that is simple and elegant. For your bags, go with something more structured and clean.

Did I miss any tips? Let me know in the comments below if you have more suggestions on what to wear to look expensive. ❤️

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