One day my supervisor pulled me aside to tell me how my appearance was being perceived and what impact it might have on my confidence and my performance.

God bless her soul because not everyone dares to tell someone how badly they look, and not everyone can receive this type of critique in the spirit it was meant.

I’m one to listen to any advice and take what works for me, and this was one piece of advice I couldn’t ignore.  Gifted with a pair of pants and two shirts from that said supervisor for Christmas, I set out to never let my appearance impact my confidence or my performance again.

Today, I teach women entrepreneurs and professionals like you how to develop their personal style, so that they can show up in a powerful way, gain the respect of their peers, have the confidence to speak up and get noticed so that they can make an IMPACT in their personal and professional lives.

I’m Solita, a Caribbean girl living her dream as a personal stylist and Image coach.
The day I realized my image mattered was the day my life changed.

I was 20 years old and just started my first corporate job as a bank teller. To look the part, I purchased two pinstripe pantsuits- a black and a white, with 3 insert shirts. ( you know the typical professional outfits- boring and uninspiring)

Because I couldn’t afford to buy a full wardrobe, I wore them until there was nothing left and I mean to death...


Hey! Hey!




Thanks to Solita, I have more confidence in my creativity, eye for beauty and style, and who I show up as every day for my business. My favorite thing about working with Solita is the way she empowered me to be who I truly am in my own style, and in doing so, I learned my style was much broader than I originally had thought


Solita's styling approach is special because it really looks at who are and what you like. She guided me through a series of exercises to break down what my core style interests were (outside of what I felt I "should" wear) and helped me interpret that in a way that made sense for my business and brand, PLUS worked well with a lot of clothes I already owned.


She pushed me just enough outside my comfort zone to see the possibilities and realize that the professional look I've been dreaming of is possible.


I hired Solita because I realized that I was reacting to CoVid in a way that was not serving me. I was actually in my workout clothes all day most days and it felt awful. My closet has needed some work and we're simultaneously getting my closet to reflect my simplified life and helping me to create a style that matches the business I represent. I love working with her.


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