Right after the “You got the job” email, your next thought is “what to wear,” and for most women, their work wardrobe includes the stale and outdated – navy, beige, black, and white color palette.

Then after one year on the job, your creativity, motivation, productivity, and confidence suffers, not because you aren’t great at your job, but because you are trapped wearing clothes that don’t allow you to express yourself.

Today I’m sharing the steps I take to help my clients turn their boring basic professional wardrobe into a self-expressive motivational machine.

Step One: Do a Personal Style Analysis

Not defining your personal style will repeat the cycle of wearing clothes that aren’t authentic to you. Do a little experiment by creating a mood board with clothing details, outfits, tops, bottoms to see what style sticks out to you. Things to keep in mind are, how do you want to feel? How will you express your values and business intentions with your image?

If you find your mood board will make you feel exactly how you want to feel, then it’s time to implement it.

Step Two: Choose Your Color Palette

Getting your color palette right is key to adding personality to your wardrobe. The colors you choose should complement your personality, energy, and skin tone. You should wear your color and not allow it to overpower you; it should also add light to your face. Once you have your color palette in mind, decide on your accent, primary or neutral colors.

Remember your best colors are the ones that look great on you!

Step Three: Shopping and Selection

Before you buy, check your closet first to see if any of the colors you choose are hanging in your closet. Then decide on what type of clothing you wish to add to your existing wardrobe, like pants, skirts, blouses, dresses, etc.

Remember to focus on quality over quality, as you want the pieces you invest in to last a lifetime.

Step Four: Create Your Capsule

Now for the fun stuff!

Create as many outfits as you can using your basic black and navy wardrobe, then take each new piece and see what styling options you can create. Try to focus on adding more colors to your capsule. The idea is not to be a carbon copy of anyone else and wear clothes that make you feel confident.

Here is how I turn this basic work capsule into a more fun wardrobe for my client.

Start with your basic pieces

new color palette

Business Casual Wardrobe Example

Here is the final wardrobe capsule containing old and new pieces.

Style To Impact Wardrobe – Business Casual office dress code – 23 outfits.

If you’re tired of wearing the same outfits and wearing clothes a style reset session will help you wear clothes that align with your authentic self.

Here is a video tutorial:

How to make your wardrobe authentic to you

I hope you’ve found this blog post about adding personality to your basic capsule wardrobe useful and inspiring.

Before you go, let me know in the comments below:

Do you find yourself wearing the same old outfits?

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