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Grow Your Career, Influence and Impact Through Style

Find Your Mojo, Manage Your Mood, Reclaim Your Confidence

Embracing and Dressing Your Authentic Self

Learn how to leverage your image and style to develop a standout personal brand to thrive in your career or business, grow your influence, and create a bigger impact.

We all go through so many life-changing transitions in our lifetime and sometimes we can feel lost. I'll show you how to find your mojo and get back on track to living the life you want. 

The energy you spend trying to shrink yourself to fit, you can use to expand and grow in life. Learn the strategies to uncovering who you are and how to represent yourself in your clothes.

Workshops & speaking start at $3,500.

Solita's Offical Bio

Solita Roberts is the founder of Style To Impact, an image coaching and training company that works with women entrepreneurs and executives to build wardrobes that power their confidence, influence, impact, and income.

Solita focuses on authentic styling for confidence, visibility, and impact by transforming lives through workshops, presentations, one-on-one personal styling, wardrobe mindset shifts, closet revamps, and power dressing. Solita has worked with TEDx, Keynote speakers, lawyers, financial advisors, and coaches.

Solita was named one of LinkedIn’s 2022 Top Voices in the Fashion and Beauty Industry and was featured on The CW Network.

Prior to Style To Impact, Solita worked for one of Switzerland’s top wealth management companies and spent over 15 years in the financial industry.

Solita’s mission is to empower more women, especially Women of Color, to represent more of who they are in the clothes they wear, get the confidence they need to show up unapologetically, and position themselves for career and business success.

Solita’s favorite quote is “Who you are is non-negotiable. If you can not be who you are, where you are, you change where you are, not who you are” by Caroline Wanga.

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