Women entrepreneurs and emerging women leaders like you hire me to elevate your signature style by crafting tailored looks and curating a wardrobe that confidently aligns with your brand and values, enabling you to show up boldly in your work

You deserve to show up in this world as your full and authentic self

No more hiding in clothes that don't feel like you

No more playing it small for fear of being seen as "too much"

No more shrinking yourself to fit outmoded norms that don't celebrate your individuality and Identity

No more dying your greys or avoiding wearing your natural hair

I'm Solita

As a high-functioning introvert, clothes have always been my armor and voice. And in the process, I've learned that you feel and act differently when you embrace who you are- your body type, personality, and presence.

I believe that representation is not just being in the room and having a seat at the table; it's also how we show up as women, especially women of color in the workplace, the boardroom, and our businesses. By more of us confidently and authentically representing ourselves in our appearance and clothes, we act as role models for others to see and give us the freedom to embrace our true selves as leaders.

Hi, There!

What if you develop your signature style to feel confident, command the room, and take control of your narrative, so that you can have a bigger impact in your career and life?


Here's how we can work

Style To Impact

Corporate workshop facilitation & speaking

image consulting and wardrobe management

confidently get dressed

Have you ever wished you can walk into your closet and your outfit for the day was already pick out ? 

Elevating the personal brand image of emerging women in leadership, so they can lead with confidence

I got so many compliments...everyone was like you look amazing. The color for this dress was fantastic under the Tedx lights.

I considered myself as a minimalist for a long time, but the fact is it kept bringing my energy down, and I wasn't being minimalist I was being dreary. You taking the time to understand what energy I wanted, sticking to my budget and filling in the gaps with pieces I already own was great. I get so many compliments from my colleagues.

what others are saying


Noticeable gasps when I walked on stage

I wore this at a speaking engagement, we are listening..

My virtual presence has the right energy

Jamila Mcmallow

Shannon Cohen
TEDX Speaker/ Public Information Officer (PIO)
Keynote Speaker / Founder
TEDX Speaker/Senior Manager

Mindset Coach for
Women Executives and Entrepreneurs

Thank you for putting your creativity out into the world...helping us break away from outmoded norms and embrace who we are in all spaces.

Ready to Elevate Your Style and Show up Confident?