Do you have that one colleague that can do no wrong with her style? You’re secretly trying to get the tea on why she always looks so effortless in E-V-E-R-YT-H-I-N-G she wears? Well, I’ve got the secret for you- the reason why sis always looks so flawless is *wait for it*; her clothes FITS her well. Like it was made for her.

It’s a total lie that you need to be a specific body type or wear expensive clothes to dress well. Great style comes from trading in your ill-fitting clothing for better fitting ones. Fit is about making the clothes you wear right for your body and not the reverse.

Not only that, proper fit means that your clothing doesn’t:

Gape or bunch

Hang low like the crotch of your pants

Struggle to stay buttoned

or shift around annoyingly

Now before you start tossing all your clothing in your closet, let me share with you how to determine if your clothes are fitting you properly- by highlighting some wardrobe items and how they should fit.

A Brillant Blouse

Check your bust line- is there any gaping between buttons? If there is, you can get a tailor to put press stubs, or you can DIY using double-sided tape. Either way is great to adjust your fit.

A Blazer Fit for a Rockstar

The hug test- if you can’t give some a hug without feeling like you’re about to burst at the seams, your jacket is too tight.

The Right Pants

Choose the right rise- if your undergarment shows when you are sitting, you’re wearing the wrong rise pants. Using a cloth tape measure- measure the distance from the top of your waistband to the bottom of the crotch seam. Now take that same measurement to determine which pants are suited for you. Keep in mind the shorter the length, the lower the pant will fit, and vice versa.

Once you know what fits you well, you will no longer waste time and money buying things that don’t, and you will be amazed at how confident you feel in your clothes.

Remember- Great Fit equals Great Style!

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