Wardrobe Capsule Styling

You’ve stepped into the spotlight with more speaking engagements, brand deals, corporate contracts, and travel.

Preparing for these engagements comes easily. But you’ve always struggled with knowing what to wear that you can feel comfortable and confident wearing.

You desire to simplify the process of stepping into your closet and preparing for the day.

Imagine being able to focus on your message, your audience, and your impact and less on what to wear.

Now you can!

Walk in every room and stage with authority and confidence.

This 3-month package provides you with a wardrobe that reflects your self-expression and powers your brand to be seen as the expert you are.

In-person and virtual option available.

What's included in this Wardrobe Capsule Styling package?

Client Style Evaluation 

Investment $4500 - payment plan available

Establishing Clear Wardrobe Needs 

Private Virtual Closet

Ongoing Virtual Shopping based on your needs

Bi- weekly Outfit Planning sessions - Curating up to 6 Versatile Looks

Ongoing support on Voxer and email

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Closet Curation

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Uncertain about how to combine various pieces into cohesive looks? Achieve wardrobe clarity by taking the guesswork out of getting dressed. Make intentional purchases, minimize frustration, boring style, and clothes you don’t feel great wearing.

Align your envisioned style through wardrobe clarity and a personalized style roadmap.

What's included in this Closet Curation package?

Style Evaluation 

Investment $2800 - payment plan available

Recommendation on Wardrobe needs

Style Roadmap and outfit guide provided to you two weeks post service 

Closet Edit and Advise on Fitting

Curating 6 -Versatile Looks and Style Uniform

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Digital Wardrobe Styling

Looking put-together in your everyday routine is a priority, but limited time and uncertainty about each step in getting dressed hold you back from achieving that interesting and unique look you desire. You second-guess yourself and end up wearing the same look over and over again. No more guessing, messing up, and wasting money on pieces that won't give you your desired style.

What's included in this Digital Wardrobe package?

Private Virtual Closet

Investment $997

Pre-planned 12 outfits

Advise on Alternation and Fit

Personalized Catalogue shoppable online

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Style Shift Session

For so long, you felt like you didn’t deserve to invest in yourself when it comes to styling. You believe others will judge you for being too much or trying to attract too much attention, or that there's more important things to focus on, so your keep your head down and work hard.

However, through recent personal and professional experiences, you realized that just working hard isn’t enough for you. To stand out, you have to really show up both internally and externally.

You're ready to burst out of traditional expectations of what an emerging leader and a professional should dress like.

You're ready for a Style Shift

This is a 45-minute session to discuss your style goals, uncover your mindset blockers, and craft your style plan so that you can gain the confidence to show up boldly in your career and life.

Investment $197

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*Your style shift fee will be applied to your style package should you require further style development/coaching.