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Today is THE day, the MOMENT of your dreams You’re about to step into the spotlight, and it can change everything, but before the world becomes your stage, one critical choice must be made—finding that perfect outfit. And you walk into your closet, that place that holds “I’ll wear this someday. It was on sale […]


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Have you ever wondered how BOLD you should be with your style? You know you want to wear something that makes you stand out and support your bigger message, but you’re a bit uncertain whether it will translate well with your audience and colleagues. I’ll say that’s how many speakers feel. As seen, the typical colors worn […]

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When it comes to dressing for today’s world, you might be wondering what that looks like. Is business casual still the same? How does the work-from-home outfit apply in the hybrid environment? What do you even wear? And the list goes on. So I wanted to provide clarity on how to dress for today’s world […]

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