It’s your strong executive presence and appearance that gets you a seat at the table.

60% of how you are perceived comes from how we look and what we wear.

Making appearance the strongest and most important aspect of building a strong personal brand.

Being appropriately dressed for our environment signals to others that we are confident in ourselves. Research has shown that the performance level of employees increases when they look and feel great about themselves

Through workshops and presentations, my mission is to empower women to dress right for the environment and show up as their most authentic selves, without sacrificing femininity and style for success and power.

Invest in your most valuable assets by giving them the opportunity to cultivate their self-image to reach their full potential carefully.

Performance + Perception + Power
= Style To Impact. 

Topics include:

Style & Success: How to Incorporate Your Personal Style in Your Business & Career

Body Confidence & Success: Accepting Your Size and Loving Your Shape

Style as a Form of Self Care



Solita’s advice for elevating your personal brand is very specific and personal. Her own story of how she realized her full potential and exceeded her own professional goals using, in-part, style, is very inspiring. I would highly recommend Solita to any professional who is seeking to reach the next level in their career, whether it is a promotion, lateral or career change, or starting to growing a business.

Tina D.

Women in IP committee of a Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO)