Once you know how to dress, your one of a kind body shape, rock colors that speak your language, and make smart shopping choices.

Everything Changes!

You need to dress the part.

And I’ll show you how...

What you wear will say everything about who you are within 3 seconds of seeing you.

Unfortunately, your success isn’t built just on your hard work, knowledge, and personality,

The CEO Style Transformation

You having the confidence to speak on stages, pitch your business with confidence knowing you look and feel great

You feel confident in your skin, loving all of YOU- your curves, thick thighs, tummy, and more, knowing that you are showing up as your most authentic self (saying no to imposter syndrome)

You have a collection of clothes that perfectly fits your body, your personality, and your lifestyle, that you are so inspired to show up for your clients, your personal life, and your business.

You are finally seen as the expert and thought leader you are. ( no more playing it small)

Here is what I'm talking about

This service gives you all the resources and tools you need to develop your personal style, so you can show up as the confident, career-driven, business building professional you are.

Having great style is much more than the clothes you wear. It's an expression of who you are and what you want to achieve in life.
It's about the impact you are trying to make both personally and professionally. 

Tell me if this sounds like where you are right now...

Your online presence is filled with day-old headshots and faded clothes.

You’ve treated clothes as a superficial outer layer rather than your superpower

When you do go shopping, half of the clothes you end up returning or now wearing half of it because they either don’t fit or not your style

It's time to upgrade your image, launch your new website, and attract higher-paying clients.

You have said a million times," nothing fits, I have a weird body shape," so you use clothes to hide your body

You are apologizing for your appearance way too many times. You know the line" sorry for my appearance. I didn't get a chance to dress up today."

“Fashion for a woman still predominates how people view you, and that’s not fair, that’s not right, but it’s true. That’s when fashion isn’t just fashion; it’s how you turn it into your tool, rather than being a victim of it.” - 

-Michelle Obama

Shop Consistently for pieces that support your lifestyle and builds a functioning wardrobe

How to identify and dress your body shape.

Learn what your style is saying and how to improve your message.

Are you ready to feel more confident, find your vibe, and finally get that fresh start that you deserve?

Confidently Craft Your Style Vision and Style Persona

Clear the Clutter from your wardrobe for hassle-free mornings

This package is loaded with everything you’ll need:


Whether you are preparing to speak on stage, attend the black-tie event of the year, or host a live summit in another state or country, you’ll never have that “nothing to wear” style meltdown again.

*service starts at $1500




Thanks to Solita, I have more confidence in my creativity, eye for beauty and style, and who I show up as every day for my business. My favorite thing about working with Solita is the way she empowered me to be who I truly am in my own style, and in doing so, I learned my style was much broader than I originally had thought


Solita's styling approach is special because it really looks at who are and what you like. She guided me through a series of exercises to break down what my core style interests were (outside of what I felt I "should" wear) and helped me interpret that in a way that made sense for my business and brand, PLUS worked well with a lot of clothes I already owned.


She pushed me just enough outside my comfort zone to see the possibilities and realize that the professional look I've been dreaming of is possible.


I hired Solita because I realized that I was reacting to CoVid in a way that was not serving me. I was actually in my workout clothes all day most days and it felt awful. My closet has needed some work and we're simultaneously getting my closet to reflect my simplified life and helping me to create a style that matches the business I represent. I love working with her.