Feeling lost or all over the place when it comes to your sense of style? You’re not alone. It may seem like everyone else has it all figured out, but trust me when I say, “The style struggle is real!”

Does this sound familiar?

You need a quick style refresh without the lengthy style process? 

You open your closet to get dressed and realize you hate everything you own, or worst, nothing fits.

You want to put together more polished outfits and not look like you threw a few pieces together. Frumpy to Fabulous!

If only you had the "perfect" body or lose that extra 10 pounds, then you will dress better.

So instead of grabbing your computer, pinning every look, you find on Pinterest, buying a completely new wardrobe, only to decide that style just isn't for you.

I’ve got you! The solution is the 7 Days To Style- Confidence. In this virtual experience, I will help you develop your personal style that is completely unique to you, and I’ll even get you started on the shopping for your new look.

This is an excellent first step if you are experimenting with the idea of working with a stylist.

Are you ready to feel more confident, find your vibe, and finally get that fresh start that you deserve?

This package is loaded with everything you’ll need:

Shop Consistently for pieces that support your lifestyle and builds a functioning wardrobe

Analysis of your current style through the 7 Day Style Audit

Work through a series of style evaluations, assignments and challenges to find your most authentic style

You want to transition into a leadership role but don't know how to dress. Your personal brand could do with a little work.

How to identify and dress your body shape.

Learn what your style is saying and how to improve your message.

Clear the Clutter from your Wardrobe for hassle-free mornings

Confidently Craft Your Style Vision and Style Persona

Let's do this instead...

Define your style, create your capsule wardrobe and shop with intention

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This Service is Perfect For You If:

You are lost when it comes to finding a style that simply reflects “you.”

You would love to work with a stylist but, not quite ready to fully invest in 1-on-1 services and a new wardrobe.

This Service is NOT For You If:

You are ready for an overhaul and a new wardrobe.

You want personalized attention by working 1-on-1 with me. This package is limited to 1 hour & 45 minutes one-on-one consult call and support via email.

Want to work with me directly? Then check out my other services, or I can create a custom package where you get more personalized attention.



The Style To Impact Framework Planner (digital copy)